Monday, February 26, 2007

The Oscars: Was It me or...

Was it me or....

After seeing the pre-show did you think that Richard Roeper should probably just stick to film criticism?

Should a telestrater only ever be used in a football game, and most definitely not to describe what someone's wearing?

Were you ready to shoot yourself if one more interviewer asked: "Who are you wearing?"

Were you happy that for over three hours you (hopefully) wouldn't get to hear anything about Anna Nicole Smith?

Wasn't that Eroll Morris skit to open the show painfully boring?

And unfunny?

And overlong?

Weren't you relieved they changed up the format this year so all the crappy awards would be given out first?

Was that relief extinguished when you realized you'd have to sit through all of them in one shot and it actually worsened the pacing of the show?

Was that Jack Black/Will Ferrell skit a contender for the funniest in Oscar show history?

Weren't their singing voices surprisingly good?

Wasn't it funny when Jack Black said he was going to elbow Leo DiCaprio in the larnyx?

Do you have as tough a time as I do believing anyone could find Helen Mirren "hot?"

Was I regretting not going with my gut instinct and changing my pick to Alan Arkin for Best Supporting Actor?

Weren't you happy Eddie Murphy didn't win?

Did you kind of wish he had after hearing Alan Arkin's "speech?"

Did you catch Abigail Breslin yawning during it?

Were you wondering, just on the basis of that thirty second clip, if maybe Djimon Hounsou should have won for Blood Diamond?

Weren't they stupid having no place for the winners to put their Oscars while they gave their speech?

Shouldn't they at least have had someone hold it for them?

Wasn't Meryl Streep great when she played along with that joke?

Didn't you feel bad for Jaden Smith screwing up his lines?

Then feel good when he recovered pretty well?

Was "losing" the Presidential election the best thing to ever happen in Al Gore's life?

Should President Bush make a movie, then he'll become popular? (okay, maybe not)

How could you possibly blame Gore for not wanting to run again when things are going this well for him?

Doesn't he have excellent comic timing for a guy who was called "boring" just a couple of years ago?

Isn't it amazing Melissa Etheridge could sensibly work the phrase "An Inconvenient Truth" into a song?

Doesn't she deserve an Oscar just for that?

Isn't it amazing Dreamgirls (A musical! With 3 nominations!) couldn't win Best Original Song?

Does that confirm just how popular Al Gore is right now?

Wasn't Jennifer Hudson's speech really classy?

Didn't you expect her to thank Simon Cowell?

Can that girl sing or what?

Aren't you curious to see what happens (or doesn't happen) with her career now?

Was everyone (myself included) cursing and ripping up their prediction ballots when Pan's Labyrinth lost Best Foreign Film?

Is it pretty sad when the only award I got right was the Honorary Oscar?

Isn't it pretty cool though that there were that many surprises?

Didn't Ellen Degeneres seem really comfortable and relaxed even when some of her jokes missed?

Wasn't it funny when Scorsese told Ellen her screenplay even has the word "Screenplay" on it?

Doesn't she deserve to come back as host?

Isn't Tom Cruise a really articulate presenter who seemed like he was genuinely happy for Sherry Lansing and was honored to be there?

Doesn't that make some of his other off-screen behavior that much more dissapointing?

Didn't Kirsten Dunst look terrible?

And really, really pale?

Didn't Reese Witherspoon look incredible?

Is Ryan Phillipe a complete idiot?

Weren't you, like me, glad DiCaprio was nominated for Blood Diamond instead of The Departed because it meant you got to see a Jennifer Connelly clip?

Were you thinking the way things were going that Ryan Gosling would have the title "Oscar winner" in front of his name before the end of the night?

Weren't you happy for Forest Whitaker?

Doesn't it make you want to go back and give his feature directorial debut, First Daughter starring Katie Holmes a second look? (no, me neither)
Were you thinking "who doesn't belong" for reasons other than what they intended when George Lucas was standing there with Spielberg and Coppola?

Wasn't it moronic on so many different levels for Lucas to question why he doesn't have an Oscar?

Didn't those presenters confirm who was going to win?

Didn't that make the Scorsese victory that much more special?

Doesn't he seem like a really great guy?

Is Jack Nicholson's "new look" not quite working?

Did you almost fall out of your seat from shock when The Departed won Best Picture?

Do I look like a fountain of Oscar prediction wisdom for typing this comment in my last blog: "It would be interesting to see The Departed pull an upset but I can't see it happening"

Aren't you glad this whole Oscar thing is finally over with?

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