Monday, March 9, 2009

Announcement: Top 10 Films of '08 Coming Soon

Nope, I haven't forgotten. The finish line is in sight. What I'm referring to is my list of the The Top 10 Films of 2008. As many already know, since I don't catch most theatrical releases until they hit DVD, I had to sit on the sidelines while everyone else revealed their choices for the best films of the year. Last year I came up with the idea that instead of giving you a half-ass attempt at a list in December or January it would be better to wait a few months until I've seen literally EVERYTHING. That way I could give you a list that's COMPLETE and FINAL. It seemed to work well the first time around so I'm doing it again this year.

Ironically, in '08 I saw just as many films as in '07 and much more than usual in the theater yet I'm still very behind in terms of what's left. If it were a banner year (and let's be honest, it wasn't) I wouldn't mind dragging this out longer but I desperately just want to put '08 to bed already and move on. And I'm fully aware the longer I wait the less interested everyone will be when it finally goes up so I'm trying my best to really knock off remaining unseen titles that could possibly be in contention for a top 10 spot. Unfortunately the drawback to that is there isn't enough time in the day to see AND review everything so it's possible if any of those films should make the list that will be the first and only time you read my thoughts on them. Besides, if I have to review any more highbrow Oscar fare at this point I think may jump off a bridge. But if I feel compelled to share my thoughts on any of them believe me I will. Those remaining films are:

Rachel Getting Married
Revolutionary Road
Changeling (ugh)
Gran Torino
Synecdoche, New York
Man On Wire
Let The Right One In

It's possible none of those films even make the list but hopefully they're all good enough that at least it won't be a waste of my time watching them. Or there's always that possibility that one of those is number one, though looking above I'd wager it's unlikely. I do have my front runners already (many of which will receive second viewings), but in an underwhelming year like this the battle for the top spot is more wide open than usual. And it'll be interesting to see how the winner holds up against my unconventional choice last year, a film I absolutely loved with everything in me. I'd expect the list to appear sometime in April. There will a clear-cut winner and don't expect any ties. Also, look for it to be done in a slightly different way this year, reflecting the mixed bag that was '08. It won't be a paragraph of me just gushing about and praising each film.

So now the speculation begins....what will be crowned #1?

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I think that you will enjoy Changeling, more than you expect. . .